Olive oil Shkalla Sh.

Organic Olive Oil - 0,5L Gold Medal - SHKALLA OIL

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Discover the essence of yellow, crystalline olive oil.
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Product information
Shkalla Sh.
Olive oil
Discover the essence of yellow, crystalline olive oil. Its medium intensity fruitiness tends towards green, with distinct notes of fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs. As it dances on your palate, you'll discover a harmonious interplay of medium intensity bitterness and spiciness, accentuated by clear hints of fresh garden vegetables, herbs, artichoke and a subtle blend of spices. The finish leaves a delicate almond aftertaste, creating a discreet but persistent harmony that persists.

Cultivated from the Bardhë, Tiranes and Kalinjot olive varieties, this organic extra virgin olive oil boasts a golden green hue and a distinctive aroma of Mediterranean herbs. Its flavor profile offers a hint of bitterness and a gentle, lingering heat, making it perfect for culinary applications where gentle heating is required, such as salad dressings.

To meet the classification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the acidity level must not exceed 0.8%. Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil proudly meets this standard, ensuring the highest quality for your culinary creations. It is best to store it away from heat sources and direct sunlight to preserve its exceptional qualities.

Our olive oil, awarded the prestigious " Gold Medal ", testifies to its exceptional quality. This recognition comes from the renowned international competition BIOL AWARD 2023 , which evaluates exclusively organic olive oils. Out of 400 organic olive oils from around the world, our oil emerged victorious, a recognition it has held since 2005. This award signifies both quality and assurance for consumers seeking the best organic olive oil.
About the producer
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Experience the rich heritage of the Shkalla Sh family's century-old olive-growing tradition. Witness the evolution of our production technology, enhancing product quality while embracing organic sensitivity. Since 1996, we've proudly stood among Albania's premier producers of extra virgin olive oil, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.In 2003, our dedication was acknowledged with certification from Bio Inspecta, propelling us into intensive European distribution. Collaborating with local farmers in Tirana and beyond, from Farka to Lushnja, ensures the finest quality from tree to table.Discover our familial dedication at the heart of Lundër, just 6 km from Tirana's center, where our journey began with Ramazan Shkalla a century ago. Our olive trees in Farkë flourished in our family's mill.Competing annually in Italy's prestigious "Best Organic Olive Oil" contest since 2005, we consistently rank among the world's top ten. Experience the excellence of Shkalla Sh olive oil—a tradition of taste, quality, and family pride.
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