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Shesh i zi Kavaljon 2017 - 14,5% vol. - BELBA Winery

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Nestled among the gentle slopes of Kavajë, the Belba winery has deep roots in the Albanian territory.
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Nestled among the gentle slopes of Kavajë, the Belba winery has deep roots in the Albanian territory. The renowned "Kavaljon" wines are born from the Golemas vineyards. Their ruby heart, intense and concentrated, enchants the senses with a perfectly harmonious ballet between alcohol, acidity and tannins, giving a persistent and satisfying finish. The “Shesh i Zi Kavaljon Belba” embodies the refined art of processing the Shesh i Zi grape, offering a symphony of aromas of dark cherries, berries and floral nuances.

This nectar, matured for 36 months in French oak barrels, reveals a unique essence of the Golemas area, giving an enveloping elegance with an alcohol content of 14.5%. Belba's centuries-old experience is expressed in Shesh i Zi wines, especially in the venerated "Kavaljon". These works of oenological art, the result of maceration and aging in oak, tell the stories of vintages such as 2012, 2013 and 2017, celebrated for their sublime quality and tasting profile.

Our Shesh i zi wine has been awarded the 2020 Gold Medal by the prestigious The Balnkans International Wine Competition & Festival.
About the producer:
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Belba Winery epitomizes a fusion of Italian winemaking tradition with the unique terroir of Albanian grapes. Originating from the Belba brothers' upbringing in Italy's renowned Tuscany region, their expertise in vineyard cultivation and grape processing forms the foundation of the winery's success. Certified by various international accolades, Belba Winery has become synonymous with excellence and is renowned for its quality wines.Nestled in Albania's scenic village of Golem, the winery aims to craft exceptional wines that reflect the region's distinct mineral elements, sunlight exposure, and the passion for viticulture. Specializing in indigenous grape varieties like "Sheshi i Zi" and "Sheshi i Bardhë," Belba Winery proudly offers a range of 100% Albanian wines to the market. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled taste and quality, Belba Winery's award-winning wines are a testament to its dedication and expertise.
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