An Albanian family's passion for its roots
mezemer wine oils distillates
Let us tell you about us
Welcome to Me Zemër, the world's first e-commerce dedicated to Albanian food and wine tradition! We are a family of food and culture enthusiasts who have created a unique and original project to bring the flavors and scents of traditional Albanian cuisine anywhere in Europe. We are proud to offer you carefully selected products prepared according to traditions passed down through generations. We collaborate with internationally accredited professionals such as AIS Club Albania to guarantee the quality of the products and offer you an authentic and unforgettable tasting experience.Our team of experts graduates from the best universities in the world have acquired important work and business experiences in Italy Europe and Albania. We invest these experiences in our homeland to introduce its unique culture to the world.
At Me Zemër we believe that the authenticity of the products is essential to bring the taste of the real Albania to your home. So is the level of service and customer care: that's why we rely on the best logistics companies to ensure safe transportation and storage of the products from Albania to our warehouses in Europe and delivery within 48 hours to your home. In addition we are committed to ensuring the legal environmental and food compliance of our products.Come discover the culinary treasures of the Albanian food and wine tradition and let us take you on a journey of flavors that will bring you to know the true Albanian essence.
mezemer wine oils distillates
mezemer wine oils distillates
Our strengths
Quality and authenticity
Fine products, from selected, hand-processed raw materials, 100% Made in Albania.
Respect for nature
Using traditional techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, our producers preserve vines with a history of thousands of years and native crops, protecting the ecosystem of our beloved land.
Transparency and professionalism
The greatest strength of our staff and suppliers; to ensure your made-in-Albania journey.
7 days a week
multilingual customer service
2 days
to ship nationwide
albanian handicraft products
and respect for the environment
mezemer wine oils distillates
Il lavoro rende prosperi alcuni giorniil vino rende felicile domeniche