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A purple red wine, with a soft and enveloping consistency, with an aroma reminiscent of velvet.
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    grape variety
     100% Carmenere (of which 30% dried on the plant)
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     Red wine
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    Production hectare
     70 quintals
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    number bottles
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     Perlati, Durrës
Product information
Ideal consumption
within 5 years
Ganymede method, use of French wood

A purple red wine, with a soft and enveloping consistency, with an aroma reminiscent of velvet. Aromas of rose, violets and wild blackberries are clearly perceived, together with delicate floral notes. Furthermore, the short period of aging in French oak barrels gives the wine delicate nuances of vanilla and berry jam.

This extraordinary wine won none other than the prestigious gold at the Balkan International Competition and Festival in 2022 and 2021 . It is a true masterpiece that will capture your senses and take your wine journey to new heights.

About the producer
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The first bottle of wine produced by Bello Winery dates back to 1977 and then, after several decades of experience, gave rise to the actual founding of the Cantina itself, which officially took place in 1994. The Winery is located in a hamlet of Durrës, Perlat, located in a hilly area 2 km away from the sea that serves as a bridge between the coast and the mountainous area. Bello Winery's vines are all certified by the Rauscedo Cooperative Nurseries (VCR), a cutting-edge, industry-leading winery. The vines are selected and planted after careful analysis of the soil, which, thanks to the geographical location and the wind favored by the sea, requires a minimum amount of phytosanitary treatment. The area planted with vines is about 8 to 10 hectares. The grape varieties present in Bello Winery are:- Shesh i Bardhë (native Albanian grape variety)- Merlot- Carmenere- Cabernet Sauvignon- Touriga Nacional- Malbec.A very relevant peculiarity of the winery concerns fermentation, as all fermentations take place using the "Metodo Ganimede": it is a method imported from Italy and unique in its kind, used in Albania only by Cantina Bello.
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