Distillate Kinolli

Georges Raki Aged 2018 - 0,7L 49% vol. - KINOLLI Distillery

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This raki embodies the pinnacle of art in brandy making.
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    production method
     Aging for 3 years in French oak barrels
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Product information
Grape brandy

This raki embodies the pinnacle of art in brandy making. After a meticulous distillation process, our brandy undergoes delicate aging in French oak barrels. This long maturation, which lasts for 3 years, allows Georges to develop a unique personality. During this period, the brandy acquires a lively golden color with reddish reflections, the natural result of its long stay in the barrel, highlighted by pronounced "tears" that testify to its concentration.

The intense and elegant aromas reveal "sweet" hints of flowers (rose, pollen, citrus), dried yellow fruits, aromatic herbs, honey, raisins and a complex bouquet that ranges from vanilla to coconut, from spices to incense, from cedar to tobacco, to cigar. In the mouth, it manifests itself with a dense and enveloping consistency, accompanied by a warm alcoholic sensation that is perceived in a deliciously "burning sweet" way. A small sip reveals its extraordinary concentration, balancing flavor intensity and persistence, a velvety texture and a unique aromatic complexity.

The aftertaste is surprising and very pleasant, with an extraordinarily prolonged duration and evolution, evoking the aromatic and gustatory richness of the ingredients derived from the grapes, from winemaking, distillation and aging in barrels, creating a harmonious and characteristic inimitable whole .

About the producer:
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Kinolli Distillery traces its roots back to 1999, marking the beginning of a journey fueled by passion and expertise. Founded by the visionary brandy maestro, Gjergji Kinolli, our distillery embarked on a year-long exploration of distillation techniques and ingredients, culminating in the creation of Raki Kinolli, an unparalleled Albanian treasure.More than just a business, Kinolli Distillery is a sanctuary where enthusiasts gather to delve into the art of distillation, sharing knowledge and forging connections. We believe in sustainability, striving to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices whenever possible.Thank you for choosing Kinolli Distillery and supporting our vision. We hope our products bring you as much joy as we experience in crafting them.
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