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Kallmet Classic 2020 - 14% vol. - KALLMETI Winery

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Kallmet Red Wine (basic version).
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Kallmet Red Wine (basic version).

Wine classification: Dry red wine
Origin (Production Area): The Kallmet area and the surrounding villages, in a geographical longitude not exceeding 30 km from the headquarters of the Kallmeti Winery.

Grape variety: 100% Kallmet, which is an ancient native Albanian variety grown in the area of ​​origin and widespread especially in the districts of Lezha and Scutari. The average yield in the vineyard is 50-60 Kv/Ha

Tradition: The cultivation of this vine and the wine produced from it have been inherited thanks to the parishes and families of winemakers in the area, who have made this vine famous in all historical eras.

Oenological consultancy: Offered by SEA (Studio Oenologico Associato), Italy. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature. This wine is aged for 10 months in stainless steel tanks, then 6 months in French oak barrels and 4-6 months in the bottle before being released on the market.

Organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics: It has a blood red colour, espresso and alert where the fresh aromas, typical of the vine, stand out, sufficiently tannic, full-bodied and balanced. The alcohol content, depending on the year of production, varies from 13-13.5% Vol.

Sommelier's tip: It goes well with starters of cured meats, pasta with minced meat, baked red meats and mushroom-based dishes. Recommended serving temperature: 16-18°C.

About the producer
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“Kallmeti” L.t.d, is established in 2006. This is a family business created by three shareholder brothers from Kallmet village. Main activities are the production and trade of three products: Wine, Raki (Albanian grape distillate), and Olive oil. The first year of activity is produced only 5000 liters of wine. Since the first year of activity the production capacity has been increased by about 20-30 % every year until 2019 and afterwards keeping somehow a constant level. The quality of products has been continuously improved, thanks to the professional Italian enological expertise, provided by Enological Group laded by Prof. Luigi Costantini. The grape cultivar is Kallmet, an ancient Albanian cultivar originated in the village with the same name. This grape variety is cultivated in two regions, Lezhe and Shkodra (Albania northwest). The olive cultivar is Kallmet, an ancient Albanian cultivar originated in the village with the same name. This olive variety is cultivated mainly in Kallmet village, and surronding villagesin of Lezha region (Albania northwest). All olive trees of this variety are old. A part of this olive variety there is used about 40 % even other international cultivars: Lecino, Frantoio (italian) and Arbequino (spanish). There are about 2500 olive trees of all above mentioned varieties owned by Kallmeti L.t.d. In Kallmet village there are more than 20000 olive trees in total Kallmeti winery is owning about 10 hectars of vineyards in Kallmet village, but also is buying Kallmet grape from more than 50 small local winegrowers from Kallmet and also surrounding villages.
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