February 26, 2024

Albanian Wine Tasting in Singapore: A Remarkable Journey

Last December 12th, Me Zemer orchestrated a sensational Albanian wine tasting event in the heart of Singapore. Our aspiration has always been lofty: to propagate Albanian tradition and culture globally through our exceptional products.

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January 15, 2024

Introduction To Albanian Wine Regions

Learn about the wine-producing regions of Albania and delve into each area’s unique characteristics. Covers Shkodra, Berat, Tirana, Vlorë, Korça and Lezhë.

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November 29, 2023

Guide To Albanian Wines

With a rich heritage and natural beauty, Albania promises a fascinating journey for everyone who dares visit the Mediterranean country.

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November 01, 2023

Albanian Raki 101: What Is It and How Is It Made?

As the Albanian spirit of choice, raki is an artisanal drink that is deeply rooted in Balkan culture.

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