According to Legislative Decree 206/2005 if you are not satisfied with the product you purchased you can return it to the manufacturer within 14 days from the date of receipt, without having to specify the reason and without any penalty.


In order to return the product, you must contact customer service notifying them of your reconsideration.


Before proceeding with the return of the product, you will be sent a return authorization confirmation and instructions. Once you receive the return authorization confirmation you will be able to proceed with shipping the product you wish to return.


The costs for such shipping will be your responsibility and you can choose the courier you prefer.

Following the manufacturer's confirmation of the conformity of the returned product (undamaged product) the full amount of the order will be returned within 14 days. If the product is found to be non-intact, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that products that by their nature cannot be returned or are in danger of rapid deterioration or alteration or sealed products that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection-related reasons or that have been opened after delivery cannot be returned for reconsideration. This includes all food products (including wines, spirits, and beverages), as the characteristics and qualities of these types of products are also subject to alteration as a result of inappropriate storage.

We urge you not to accept merchandise that at the time of delivery is damaged and/or whose packaging has been torn and which, therefore, is not intact. In such cases you must promptly notify our customer service department of the rejection, explaining the reasons.


If the goods are found to be damaged when the package is opened, it will be necessary to 1) document in detail with photos the damaged part, 2) provide evidence that the goods were damaged at the very moment of receipt of the package and not subsequently due to improper use, handling and storage of the package itself or the goods, 3) send an e-mail to the e-mail address requesting its intervention and attaching identity documents in digital format that attests to the identity of the buyer of the goods. In this case all expenses will be borne by us. From time to time we will decide whether to send a whole new supply or supplement it only for the part of the damaged products.






How will the money be returned?"


The refund will be made directly to the credit card used for the order. If the order was placed with payment method on delivery will be asked for bank details to proceed with the refund by bank transfer. The store operates from the European Union and all transactions, including currency, are converted to Euro following payment.



When will the refund be made?


Refund will be processed as soon as all the necessary information is received to evaluate the request.

Please note that if the payment was made by credit card, you will need to wait a few days before the refund will be visible on your statement. The refund will be displayed with the description "Refund order #...of ... Authorization code ..."



Customer Support


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