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Musaj Olive Oil Ltd is a family business and since many years, ranked as one of the highest qualityolive oil producers in Albania. It is managed by Musaj family and is located in the district of Vlora.The main focus of the company has been high quality olive oil.Our product is certified by Albinspect - Bio Inspecta as organic olive oil, according the EuropeanStandards. The company processes only organically grown olives from Vlora, one of the richestareas in the olive groves in country. Over the last 16 years, we have continuously improved ourOlive Oil facility, in order to guarantee the best possible product quality. With equipment suppliedby Alfa-Laval, Musa ltd. has upgraded its production capacity and improved its output. Currently,Musaj Olive Oil Ltd can produce up to 400 tons of oil in a season (October-December). We have been consistently and sustainably producing quality olive oil for over 27 years. The focus onmaintaining high quality and organic production have ranked us as one of the best olive oil producers inAlbania. We are proud of what we have achieved but eager to advance towards any potential improvementof both our product and services.We are modestly proud on what we have achieved, but very carefully pay the necessary attention and carenot only to keep the achievement, but explore any possibility for further improvement.We all believe that the best-tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes out of only the highest quality and bestmanaged olive groves.An essential part of our achievement and dedication to the quality belongs to the olive producing farmerswho supply us with the high quality olives. Musaj Olive Oil Ltd produces high quality virgin and extra virgin olive oil. Our product is certified as organic(bio) by Bio Inspecta. This enables the company to export the olive oil to the USA, European and Asianmarkets. High phenolic olive oilThe raw material’s source of supply for our mill remains the Southern Region of the country, which is richin the olive groves of native variety called “Kalinjot”. These olives, carefully harvested and post-harvestmanaged are cold pressed in our facility. All this process enables the olive oil to keep the most of its healthbenefits. Kalinjot Olives are rich in high polyphenol and shows high levels of aroma compounds.The qualitative and nutritional ingredients of this oil meet the European standards.
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