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Wines, Raki, Oils; the products of Me Zemër
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  • Kallmeti
    Kallmet Classic 2020 - 14% vol. - KALLMETI Winery
    Regular price 231 kr
    Regular price Sale price 231 kr
  • Kallmeti
    Kallmet Prestigj 2019 - 15% vol. - KALLMETI Winery - Gold medal
    Regular price 318 kr
    Regular price Sale price 318 kr
  • Kallmeti
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1L - KALLMETI OiI
    Regular price 211 kr
    Regular price Sale price 211 kr
  • Kallmeti
    Aged Raki 2018 - 45%vol. - KALLMETI Winery
    Regular price 345 kr
    Regular price Sale price 345 kr
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