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Kinolli Distillery traces its roots back to 1999, marking the beginning of a journey fueled by passion and expertise. Founded by the visionary brandy maestro, Gjergji Kinolli, our distillery embarked on a year-long exploration of distillation techniques and ingredients, culminating in the creation of Raki Kinolli, an unparalleled Albanian treasure.More than just a business, Kinolli Distillery is a sanctuary where enthusiasts gather to delve into the art of distillation, sharing knowledge and forging connections. We believe in sustainability, striving to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices whenever possible.Thank you for choosing Kinolli Distillery and supporting our vision. We hope our products bring you as much joy as we experience in crafting them.
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  • Kinolli
    Georges Raki Aged 2018 - 0,7L 49% vol. - KINOLLI Distillery
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  • Kinolli
    Raki Moskat 49% vol. - KINOLLI Distillery
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