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Udha 2018 - 13,5% vol. - UKA Winery

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"Udha" is the old term for "road", the imaginary path that connects all wine producers into a single product.
Product information

"Udha" is the old term for "road", the imaginary path that connects all wine producers into a single product. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Kallmet and Sheshi Zi, harvested in various vineyards in Albania. It is a journey through all the regions that produce grapes. With this wine, we want to bring Albania in a bottle. Red wine has great structure and pairs perfectly with red meat dishes.

Technical specifications:

-Grapes harvested by hand
-Harvested from organic vineyards
-Transported to the cellar in 20kg crates
-Cryo maceration for 48 hours
-Controlled fermentation for 8-12 days
-Soft pressing
-Natural precipitation on stainless steel tanks
-Relax for 1 year in stainless steel tub
-Aged in 500 L oak barrels for 8 months
-Bottled and aged in bottle for 1 year

About the producer
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Uka Winery is located in the center of Albania in the rural areas of the capital Tirana. It was established in 2005, founded by Flori Uka (winemaker), the first generation of the family in wine production. After 5 years of working in different wineries in Friuli/Veneto and 2 years of studying at the University of Udine and Conegliano in Enology, Flori returned to Albania to follow his dream of rediscovering Albania's wine values. Albania is rich in indigenous varieties and viticultural history. A history suppressed by the Ottomans and the dictatorship system. Today the new generation of winemakers is discovering the true values of this map unknown to the rest of the world. In Albania almost every rural family grows grapes. In several areas indigenous varieties are grown that have existed for hundreds of years. The vision of the Uka winery is to collect these grapes from different families throughout Albania to take the maximum potential of the same varieties. Following a cooperative-like system, Flori works with nearly 200 families throughout Albania who have indigenous grape varieties with an area of less than 1 hectare. Thus it is possible to search for the true potential of the terroir to express the maximum of our values in the wine. The purpose of the winery is to create a database of indigenous areas and varieties that are expressed to the fullest in our wines. We see our winery as a future wine museum where winelovers from around the world can come and taste Albania in a glass.
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